Words Matter

Words matter.

I believe this as an English teacher.  I tell this to my students all the time:  Not just how people see them, but how they view the world.  We live in a much richer planet when we have words like vociferous and clandestine. In my other life, I am an above-average religious school teacher for elementary-age children1.  There, too, we learn that words are paramount.  Genesis begins with the Almighty saying “let there be light” – ויאמר translates to “then said“.

When I talk to my staff, the words we use in discussing the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers are removed from ownership.  “The Union” or “The PFT” or “Them” or “Jerry”. That’s calamity.  Love, hate, whatever – if teachers cannot say “my union” or “us” when they talk about fighting for strong schools, we lose.  This is the first and most important battle.  If you are reading this2 and you are PFT, I’m betting you’ve seen the same thing.

I truly believe words matter.  And this, above all else, is why I am excited to be a part of the Caucus of Working Educators.

I’m not laying blame.  There are wonderful people working in the PFT and I want to work with them.  By forging an open and democratic union, we build trust and ownership.  From ownership comes empowerment.  And empowered teachers are a scary thing.

I’m so excited about Working Educators because those are the words we need.  W.E. are the PFT.  W.E. are the union.  The word “we” has power, and internalizing that power is a big step in bringing our schools back from the abyss.

If any of this rings true to you, visit our website.  Come to our Launch Party.  Make yourself heard and listen to what we want to do.  We are the PFT.  We can do this.

In solidarity,

  1. judged by my value-adjusted number of proficient graham cracker Sukkahs 

  2. and thanks for reading 

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