The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Met

It was a damp  March morning when I noticed, with some surprise, Ms. Shilling had beat me to school.  Ms. Shilling had a 30 minute drive1 , I had a subway/subway interchange.  Neither of us were adept at small talk.  We would quietly split the copiers (the better one is one the first floor) and share the USB-based printer.  But today, Ms. Shilling needed a favor – she was sick.  She needed me to pop my head in during the day and make sure her class was in reasonable shape.

To review:  On her sick day, Ms. Shilling  had come in to set up all of her papers and lessons for the students, and was hoping to beat the morning rush hour so she could recuperate.  She was the best teacher I’ve ever met.

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  1. “Really easy if you leave before sunrise,” she would explain