Teacher’s Voice II – Weaponization

A couple weeks back, the refomers in Philadelphia were in full “sell” mode on hiring issues – full site select and mutual consent.  Jon Cetel, of the advocacy group PennCan, took to Twitter:


Whoa!  Look at all these diverse groups who support this reform.  I’m sure they will respond thanking Mr. Cetel for uniting them on on this issue.


Yeah…no.  Turns out that most of the groups do not support Full Site Select as Cetel lays it out and even the groups who do find his tactics, a polite golf clap as the governor starves our schools, as absolutely horrific.  While he was writing Op-Eds, they were marching and going on hunger strikes against PennCan’s actions.  Advocacy, indeed.1

And this wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t so utterly common.  I’m starting to worry that being part of the conversation means being part of the problem.

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  1. And just FYI:  Count me among those who support real site select. This isn’t a policy issue, it’s a process one