Not Dead Yet

Been a ghost-town here, no?

I spent my summer working and rehabbing, so there wasn’t much time for the blog. But there has been writing! I’ve had a few posts for Citified, the “nerdy kid that get shoved in a locker” of the Philly Mag blogs.

We should opt-out of bad tests – standardized or otherwise.

Why are Philly politicians undermining Philadelphia Schools?1

Some thoughts for incoming Mayor Kenney

Being an Insider is an unpaid gig, and I honestly don’t see a career in writing or journalism. But writing for a larger audience with a real editor is a treat.

And I have my own, personal Hater. You, LOLSALTZ, you have made this truly special2.

I probably should have double-posted here, but I’m new at this stuff. No worries. This is just to say this space prevails.

Happy New Year.

  1. Money. The answer is money 

  2. Yes, it’s probably drunk Mike Wang but still